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With over 22+ years experience as a graphic designer, I am here for you to create great and quality work. With a degree in graphic design after attending trade school and studying visual communication in Germany, I soon after started my own graphic design business in Bielefeld, Germany. But my birthplace Alaska was calling. In 2001, I moved to Alaska permanently, and started working as an art director for an Anchorage advertising agency. Close to a year later, I started my own graphic design business again, working from my home in Talkeetna. Between 2007 and 2016, I was employed full-time as an in-house designer for Alaska Geographic, a non- profit organization and partner of Alaska’s national parks, national forests, and national wildlife refuges. Here I created several award-winning books, Alaska Park Science journals, Alaska visitor guides, and annual reports, as well as marketing and donor relations materials, and many interpretive products with customized packaging.

At the end of 2016, Silt & Sticks was born: Depositing design ideas that stick. With this nature-inspired name choice, I am hoping to attract businesses and clients who value the stewardship of Earth; eco-minded thinkers and entrepreneurs who want to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the environment.

Into my second year now, I keep dedicating half of my daily work hours to a client that specializes in interpretive products for America’s national parks, state parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges, and other public lands: Eagle River Designs in Moab, Utah. For this client, I create artwork for lapel pins, embroidered patches, walking stick medallions, vinyl decals, and magnets. It pleases me to know that visitors will be able to purchase a keepsake of their trip — while at the same time supporting their favorite public land. It makes being a graphic designer so much more meaningful.

Branding & Marketing

New business? New product? You need a logo design. Based on the logo design, developed shapes, colors, and typeface definitions, I create a whole line of needed branding materials — leading to express your corporate identity. I also provide clients with mini marketing/action plans to help polish their ideas and plans, and to give support and guidance for business success, life balance, and happiness.

Digital Illustrations

Creating vector files is one of my strong points. I love working with Adobe Illustrator to create digital illustrations for pins and patches, posters and signs, and book illustrations.

Interpretive Products and Customized Packaging

Pin designs of wildlife and sites, decal designs that stick… I create designs that sell. I also customize your product’s packaging template, and can create accompanying marketing materials.

Book Design

With almost a decade of book designing experience, I am here to create your coffee-table photo book, your guide book, or children’s book. I collaborate with editors who help fine-tune the contents of your book manuscript, so that together, we create a bookstore-worthy new publication.

Alaska Mittens

What started as a hobby and a creative outlet, has now grown into a little business. With Alaska-themed designs of skiers, wildlife, Northern Lights and more, my felted mittens are sure to impress — and to keep your hands warm and toasty. Visit my Alaska Mittens Etsy store to see what’s in stock, or ask about custom designs. I also invite you to follow Alaska Mittens on Instagram, where you can see what mitten designs I have created thus far.

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I am here to listen to you. Then tackle the problem, and find visual solutions that support your business, brand, or cause. It all starts with a conversation.